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Make Your Mac a Perfectionist

Yes What You Heard Was Right.Make Your Mac a Perfectionist With These Everlasting Beautiful Wallpapers.
I Downloaded These Wallpapers From devantART and The BAD is i Forgot The USERNAME Of This ARTWORK Creator.All The Credit Goes To That deviantART USER.Hand's Off  To The Designer.Enjoy..

Unlock 5 Hidden Themes In Your Windows 7

As There Are 5 Hidden Themes in Your Windows 7.These Themes are Location Based or also Called Regional Themes.The Names of These are Australia,Canada,United Kingdom,United States and South Africa.When Windows 7 is Installed with United States regional settings only the United States theme is Present in Windows Personalization Gallery and Remaining Themes are Hidden.

To Install Them Just Follow These Instrustions

Mac OS X Snow Leopard Wallpapers Box

Hi Guys Download Full Mac OS X Snow Leopard Wallpapers Box. These 34 Wallpapers are Default Wallpapers Present in Apple's Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

Share Your WEI To The World

WEI Stands For Windows Experience Index Which is An Benchmark For System performance
Share Your Windows 7 Experience Index To The World.

Indian Rupee Symbol Font

Hi.. Few Days Ago Indian Rupee Symbol Was Released. India Did not Had Currency Symbol that US Had like Dollars $.Here is A Picture you Can See Indian Rupee Symbol.

However,Typing the Indian Rupee symbol is not possible yet, because of its uniqueness and it not being part of the keyboard alphabets yet. Desktop Tool

A Website which provides free programs to open any file extension.
Yes What You Heard Was Right,You Can Open File Of Any File Extension.

OpenWith.Org provides detailed information about most file extension and links to free programs that can open and create each type of file. All of us at have found ourselves helping our parents and friends open obscure file types time and time again, and decided that this information was best shared with everybody. There are plenty of great programs out there that will cost you hundreds of dollars to do what you need. What you probably don't know is that there is usually free software that is just as good.

Windows 7 Box Art Wallpapers

Hi Check Out Windows 7 Box Art Wallpapers And Download Them

Matrix Screensaver

Hi..Download Best Matrix Screensaver On The Internet

Windows 7 Starter Edition

Well Do You Know Windows 7 Starter Edition Has Many Limitations The Main One is You Cannot Change The Wallpaper.
The Default Wallpaper is Very Very Nice Here it is

Windows 7 DVD Covers

Hi....I Got My Hands On Windows 7 DVD Covers.You Can View Them Here And Download Them Too.Have A Look...

Enable Dreamscene Feature In Windows 7

Little History.......
Well Dreamscene is a Feature of Windows Vista Which Came In Ultimate Extra's.Which Allowed A Clip To Be Set as Wallpapers.Later It Was Discontinue In Windows 7.

In Windows 7 There is no DreamScene Feature Present.Instead You Can Change Wallpapers By Time To Time
To Enable DreamScene In Windows 7 There is A tool Which Was Developed By Other Websites not By Microsoft.

Windows Phone 7 Wallpapers

Hi....Recently Windows Phone 7 Was Launched.I Found Good Walls On These Take a Look

32-Bit And 64-Bit Do You Know ?

Well There is one Factor Which Can slow Your Computer Speed is Memory Size.Most of the People Don’t Know What Really is 32-Bit and 64-bit. Note That There Are 32-Bit and 64-bit Processors also.
AMD Supports 64-bit Computing and Intel Supports 32-bit Computing(Now Intel Latest Processors Will Support 64-bit).To Make Efficient Use Of 64-bit You Must Have 64-bit Edition of Software to run on them.


Great Customization For Windows7 So Far.
Preme ia a Little Program which is less than 1MB.

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