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32-Bit And 64-Bit Do You Know ?

Well There is one Factor Which Can slow Your Computer Speed is Memory Size.Most of the People Don’t Know What Really is 32-Bit and 64-bit. Note That There Are 32-Bit and 64-bit Processors also.
AMD Supports 64-bit Computing and Intel Supports 32-bit Computing(Now Intel Latest Processors Will Support 64-bit).To Make Efficient Use Of 64-bit You Must Have 64-bit Edition of Software to run on them.

Please Note that 64-bit Processors can run 32-bit Software, But 32-bit processor Cannot Run 64-bit software .What 64-bit Computing Does is That it can Address Large Amount Memory(RAM).
32-bit Processors Cannot Address 4GB Of Ram.64-bit Processors Can Address Memory More than 4GB
Below This You Can See Screenshot.

Advantages Of 64-bit Computing over 32-bit Computing.

  • Increased Memory Addressing (RAM) Support more than 4GB .This Feature is Not Available in 32-bit Computing
  • 64-bit Software’s Can take full advantage 64-bit processors and hence There is Gain in Performance of System.
  • Security Features are Enhanced.


  • Well Back in Old days When Software’s Were Developed in 16-bit Processors. In 64-bit Computing You can miss Chance Of Running 16-bit Software’s
  • 64-bit Software’s Requires 64-bit Drivers
  • All the Software’s Developed in World are 32-bit.But You Can Run Them in 64-bit Operating Systems and You can’t See Gain in Performance

My Experience
I installed Windows 7 64-bit in 17 minutes. I got Office 2010 64-bit edition
All the software’s are 32-bit like Opera, Firefox etc. Till now There is no 64-bit Adobe Flash Player.
But in Future See That All Computers Will Be 64-bit.
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